We have diversified experience within the construction industry:

- Structural Concrete
- Concrete & Masonry
- Structural Steel
- Framing & Steel Framing
- Roofing
- Drywall
- Air Conditioning
- Electrical and
- Plumbing Services

Highrise Inc. has over twenty nine years of diversified experience within the construction industry. We have extensive experience in hillside houses. We have designed and built custom homes ranging from 1,800 to 13,500 sq. ft. on flat and hillside lots with pools and tennis court. Our staff have successfully managed and completed the construction of apartment buildings and commercial/retail strips, with sizes varying between 5 to 19 units and in the range of 3,000-35,000 sq. ft.

In addition to our primary business of building and contracting through the broad experience of our staff, we provide services in cost estimating, and construction management. We provide services in architectural design and preparation of necessary construction documents and specification to obtain building permit.